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Gary Hannon - Decorative Painting, Houston, TX

Gary Hannon began the creative entity of Hannon Designs over 20 years ago. In that time span, Hannon Designs has earned and maintained a level of high regard in the community, redefining the beauty of homes all over the Houston area. Gary has developed his own techniques in the art of faux with an in-depth knowledge of color, texture, and line, striving to bring Hannon Designs to a higher level in the world of decorative arts.

Always looking to advance the art, he keeps himself educated on all the newest finishes and techniques, while encouraging his team of artistic house painters to be open to fresh and innovative ideas.

Lore Bellon has studied painting & sculpture in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and San Diego. In New Orleans, she designed and executed pieces for homes and businesses in the art of stained & flat glass. She attained a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts pursuing her own personal painting & sculpting. Working with notable Disney artists & sculptors, she worked on the Natural Encounters Exhibit at the Houston Zoological Gardens, which led her to her decorative arts career with Hannon Designs, where for nearly 4 years, she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the business of decorative arts. Each project becomes her challenge as she focuses on the visual aesthetics of the home through the art of walls, sculpture, and interior integration of the space.

Lore Bellon - Decorative Painting, Houston, TX

Gary and Lore - Decorative Painting, Houston, TX

Striving for distinction in our finishes, plasters, wall & mural art, sculptural wall art, motif design, as well as cabinets & furniture, we work with our clients in what we call "interactive" interior consultation with the goal of ultimately achieving continuity and harmony in the home. We wish to communicate the vision of our clients through our art, bringing beauty to the sanctuary of the home presence, to the place of business. Always working towards new concepts and unique ideas, we look at each project as a challenge, an opportunity to provide an exclusive entity to an environment.

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